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Cisco VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab) provides a scalable, extensible network design and simulation environment. VIRL includes several Cisco Network Operating System virtual machines (IOSv, IOS-XRv, CSR1000v, NX-OSv, IOSvL2 and ASAv), as well as Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS . There is also extensive ability to integrate with third-party vendor virtual machines. VIRL Personal Edition is community-supported and is designed for individual users.
The VIRL Personal Edition software license provides the user with a year (365 days after license download date) of operation. Any software or OS image upgrades during the one year period are provided for free, including pre-release and full release versions. The Personal Edition license that you purchase will determine the maximum number of Cisco virtual machines that you can run at any one point in time on your VIRL server. The number of non-Cisco nodes are not constrained. Note that the actual number of nodes that you will be able to run is subjected to the memory and CPU you're able to provide to your VIRL server.
Verify that your PC or laptop meets the following minimum requirements:
• Host system must be able to access the Internet on a regular basis (TCP ports 4505 & 4506 outbound enabled on any firewall/proxy)
• Four CPU cores and 8GB of DRAM that can be allocated to the VIRL VM (more resources allows for larger simulations)
• Intel VT-x / EPT or AMD-V / RVI virtualization extensions present and enabled in the BIOS
• 70GB of free disk space for installation
Prior to installing VIRL, you must have installed one of the following supported Hypervisors in order to run Cisco VIRL:
• VMware Fusion Pro v5.02 or later (including v6.x or v7.x)
• VMware Workstation for Windows or Linux v8.04 or later (including v9 -> v12)
• VMware Player v5.02 or later (including v6.x and 7x)
• VMware Workstation Player 12 or later - NOTE Virtual Network Editor requires Workstation 12 Pro
• ESXi 5.1 / 5.5 using the vSphere Client: ESXi 5.1U2 (Build 1483097) or ESXi 5.5U1 (Build 1623387) -> VMware ESXI 5.1/5.5/6.x using vSphere Client: ESXi 5.1U2 (Build 1483097), ESXi 5.5U1 (Build 1623387), ESXi 6.0 (Build 2494585)
** These Hypervisors are not included as part of Cisco VIRL and must be installed separately. For non-Hypervisor installations (Bare-metal) verify that you PC or Laptop meets the following minimum requirements:
• Host system must be able to access the Internet periodically
• Four CPU cores and 8GB of DRAM – more resources allows for larger simulations
• Intel VT-x / EPT or AMD-V / RVI virtualization extensions present and enabled in the BIOS
• 70GB of free disk space for installation
• Ability to boot .ISO image or attach the ISO via an integrated management interface (such as the Cisco Integrated Management Controller)
You may use VIRL Personal Edition for personal study, certification study, network design and modeling, network simulation, network programming and scripting, network change testing, teaching, training, etc….the possibility is endless!
Yes. You can for instance, install VIRL on VMware Workstation on your laptop and then install it on your ESXi box using the same license key. Note that there are different OVA downloads for installation on VMware Workstation, ESXi, and Bare Metal ISO.In order to comply with the VIRL License agreement, you can only have up to two installs per license, and they must both be owned by you. Please make sure not to operate the two installs at the same time. Detection of overlapping activity on more than one install at a time, or multiple users on the same license key will result in disablement of your license.
VIRL Personal Edition software comes with a single-user license. The maximum number of Cisco virtual machines that you can run at any one point in time is subject to the license that you have purchased. It must be renewed annually. The VIRL Full End User license agreement can be found before you finalize your purchase, or here:
VIRL Personal Edition is targeted for end-users for personal or educational use only. Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) is Cisco's corporate offering with support through Cisco's Technical Advisory Center.
To learn more about the corporate edition of Cisco Modeling Labs, visit
Check out tutorials and product overview videos on our Youtube Channel.
You can also find us at CiscoLive shows, where we set up learning labs for VIRL so you can get a first hand experience!
Cisco Live EMEA:
Berlin, Germany (Feb. 15-19, 2016)
Cisco Live Melbourne - Melbourne, Australia (Mar. 8-11, 2016)
Cisco Live US - Las Vegas, NV (July 10-14, 2016)
Lenovo T-series and W-series laptops, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple Mac Pro, Cisco UCS C-series, Cisco UCS B-series
We have a library of basic How-To videos located here:
We also post features walk throughs and advanced level tutorials on our youtube channel:
VIRL Personal Edition is supported using a community support model. We encourage you to post questions, thoughts, features requests, and start discussions on the forum. Join the 3000+ network professionals in our community! Our community discussion forum can be found here:
Good news! You can now download the VIRL software directly from your VIRL Medius account! (No need to email us anymore!) Go to your account and log in using your ID and password. Click on “Download VIRL”. Note that you must have a valid purchase and live subscription.
The download is a very large file, and using a download manager will help it auto-restart if the download fails or gets temporarily disconnected. Once you have your download link, we recommend using a download manager, such as Folx or DownThemAll to start the download.
You should be able to find your license salt-key by visiting the "My License Keys" section of the store at Log in with the ID and look under “My Account” => “License Keys”
After transaction of a gift card purchase completes, the purchaser will receive the gift card code in an email. If you can’t find the email with the gift voucher, you should be able to find this gift card voucher code in your account => "My Gift Cards" after logging in with your ID.
Provide the code in the column "Coupon Code" to your gift recipient.
The gift card recipient can take these steps to redeem their copy of the VIRL software (so that a new order will be created under the gift recipient's name and they will be able to access the license key and software download link):
1. Go to the GET VIRL page and select the product that the gift card is for.
2. In the bottom left corner on the cart page, there should be a "Apply coupon" area. Copy and paste the gift card voucher code here and click the Apply coupon button. After this, the gift recipient should see the balance drop to $0.00.
3. Log in with your ID to finish the redemption process; if you do not already have an account, set one up here
4. Proceed to checkout and complete the transaction
You can then download the VIRL software and your license key to begin simulation!
This typically indicated that your installation has not completed successfully. Please see
A few folks have been able to get this to work on “a machine that does NOT support Vt-X\EMT, and everything is working splendidly.” See
Your license is valid for one year (365 days) after you downloaded it from your Medius account. The 7 days count down indicates the number of days you can operate offline before your license needs to call home. VIRL requires Internet connectivity to the salt-masters every 7 days for licensing purposes.

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